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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television yes, it's winesday wednesday. february 8th, the wait is almost over. >> tomorrow, where are we going? >> we'll be live from the "atlantis" resort in the bahamas. if you happen to be there, come join us on thursday. we'll do the show live and another one on tape. it's going to be beautiful. can't wait. >> the weather is supposed to being a great. >> that's what i'm hearing. >> you know what the latest
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thing is? we've heard of the planking, the owling. i didn't understand them. >> people know what planking is. owl is when you do this and you have pictures. everything catches on. >> they are all stupid. this one takes the cake for the most stupidest. >> it's called breading. just before we show the picture, it's only for cats. >> i thought discrimination was against the law in our nation now. >> only cats can do breading. they are called inbred cats. you take a piece of bread and you put your cat's head in it. >> what's more fun than this? >> it has its own facebook pain and has 12,000 lo tho,000 likes more than we have. >> who does this stuff except joann? that was her cat. >> took her all night to get that shot. wonder bread, you're wasting food. >> apparently she was groggy.
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you're at your most creative when you're at your groggies. >> here's the thing. when you wake up, okay, you're kind of out it but some people at night they keep a little note pad by their bed if you have an idea, you can jot it down. >> you're not groggy, you're awake. >> no you're still in and out. >> you are. you're not post-menopausal. >> let me tell you my perfect time to work on speeches and everything in the morning, in the shower. when i'm in the shower i stand there and it's amazing because i have nothing to do but to think about the day. i'll think of, oh, this is a much better transition, like you can think of things while in the shower. i think about just anything. >> i'm happy for you. >> that's not good for the environment. >> when are you the most creative? >> middle of the night but it's
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because i'm wide awake and can't sleep. i'm at my most creative and i sit down and clear a set and a place and i get to work and i'm focused. let's ask lisa kudrow. who is more focused than she is. >> nobody. >> who does more? we'll ask lisa. makes no sense to me. i've never written a good line of a song once when i was groggy. >> for some of us, once you start your day you have a million tasks to do. in the shower i have nothing to do but to be in there. >> you have to wash. that's what you do when you're in there. >> this is so exhausting. >> the reason to be in the shower. but i'm happy for you. >> the water is running all over you. you're thinking. after you wash, there's more than five minutes you're spending in there. >> you know where else she spend time? >> don't begin to go there. >> we'll get a little graphic. embarrassing with lisa kudrow sitting there. it's all in the name of helping
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to improve your health. yet another study says -- >> says how long you sit on the commode can affect your health. there's some science behind it. president carter was diagnosed with hemorrhoids a while ago. >> i'm enjoying this chat today. while being treated by proctologist. >> you're typically meant to squat in the woods. >> i suggest we stop right now and go to lisa kudrow early. >> when you get older you like the commode to be higher. [ toilet flushing sound ] >> the show's over. >> it's never past my mind it need to be higher. but thank you, hoda. i've learned something else. >> higher toilets are for people who can't lean down. they're older. you have to take care of people. the bottom line is they say it affects your health. so squat. i guess the lesson is squat.
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>> there's a teacher who has been taken to task because she wants to put -- >> keep going. >> they are rubbing their heads. i do not know why. my hair? who cares? a teacher in new york city school has limited her students to bathroom visits to three a week. when they have to go they only have three minutes. here's the thing. she was tired of having all of the educational process upset because every five seconds some kid had to go to the bathroom. >> became a thing. >> it's hard enough to teach kids today. [ commode flushing sound] >> let's get out of this one. >> i told you, winter is not the one big deal. so is this host chat. we're leaving for the bahamas tomorrow. >> here's the deal. i know everyone can't come.
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i wish you could. trip advisor has come out with a list of people's choice awards. places that people love. they've traveled the world. these are the top hits. one of them happens to be the "atlantis" where we're staying. congratulations to them. ninth trendiest in the world. top honors, the world's trendiest hotel went to a villa in cape town, south africa. >> i've never been there. i hear so many great things about it. look at this. very trendy. >> if your looking for the most luxurious, go to the grand delmar in san diego, california. if small is your smile, the best b&b in the country is the a.j. thompson house in duluth, minnesota. rates start at $179. >> it's beautiful. doesn't look like it would be on the list. i'm trying to be nice. it looks like a beautiful home. >> sure. voted the best bargain in the
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u.s. on the sea coast inn in hyannis, massachusetts. 88 bucks a night. >> one thing we have to show you. >> if you're traveling, this might come in handy. >> i would like to see you on this in the airport. >> you know how you get tired lugging your suitcase around. there's a suitcase you can ride. it's got like a little scooter on it. it's $300. >> so there you are in the picture yourself in the airport. everyone is walking and not you. >> not sarah. >> she's gliding. that's pretty cool. >> it doesn't look like it holds a lot. >> it looks like a backpack. >> but if you're going on an overnight trip and not packing too much it's great. >> it's winesday so we have chocolate wine. >> called vino. i don't care anymore. >> red wine, milk chocolate and cream.
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$9.99 from what do we have on the show today? >> are we going? that's it? >> we should talk about one more thing. you know how marriage is in decline? >> yes. >> so, "usa today" did another study and says two-thirds of us aren't sure we want to marry. >> i think what's happening it was a study that was out in "usa today." people who were single looked at married couples and said i don't want that because everyone is divorcing or breaking up and stuff like that. so there's nothing that they are looking at saying that's something i would like to be a part of. so they say marriage has been declining for more than 35 years. i didn't get this. the people who were surveyed in this, said that they had sex on the first date. a majority of them said they had sex on the first date. first date. first date. >> you know what? i think it's a disturbing trend, i really do.
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most people, they say it's because they are in social media so much they already feel they know the person. that's the excuse they are giving. >> why your getting so edgy? >> because most of us have had a one nightstand, hoda. [ laughter ] hoda can't remember. great relationship deal breakers. everybody has had a relationship -- and you all know what yours would be. there are certain things nonnegotiable. >> they say these are the top ones that overall according to the survey. disheveled appearance is one of them that causes a breakup. what else? >> sloppy can be cute. most kids today are sloppy. it's when there's a smell that accompanies it. >> unclean. being lazy. lazy. >> that i couldn't take. >> being too needy. that's a big one. i didn't mean it that way. just needy. they are never satisfied. this is the most important, lacking a sense of humor. you don't have one of those there's no place you can buy one.
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you'll have a rough life. you'll have a big rough life. >> so you may not know this but think about it because apparently in the winter time you yawn more than you do during the other seasons of the year. like our viewers are doing right now. [ yawning noises ] >> if you find yourself yawning a lot, it doesn't mean you're tired or bored or groggy. >> what you're doing is fixing your internal temperature so it syncs up. >> what if you're inside and it's 70 degrees? >> no, when you're out in the winter. >> i think it's something to do with -- you see someone else downing it and you think gee -- it feels good to yawn. so it's contagious that way. let's try it. i'm going to yawn and see if you can keep yourself from yawning.
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[ yawning ] >> i'm really boring. >> all right, you guys. we have a good show coming. up next, lisa kudrow. she's got another season of "who do you think you are?" . >> terrific show. and today's ambush makeover. but first these messages.
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we're all curious about where we came from. only is a kudrow's nbc show on "who do you think you are?" now in its third season the audience goes on an adventure with celebrities who get a chance to trace their roots. >> 2 discoveries are often surprising. and the experience is life changing. take a look. >> where did my great-grandfather and great-grandmother meet? were they here or did she somehow break that whole, that whole lineage, those eight times back lineage and was she the one
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to leave this island to go on to the mainland? did she meet him there or did he whisk her away or who knows? >> wow. >> good to see you. how are you? >> she knew both of them were from italy, tuscany. >> but she wasn't sure who was from where. it was her great-grandmother that was from alba and found they went back like eight generations back. she was the first one who left when she married the great-grandfather. that's the story. >> those are the cool things to find out. >> those are cool to find out. but the story is her great-grandfather was killed when her grandfather was only like 3. so she had heard that because he was, you know, they thought he was a philanderer and he was caught with somebody else's wife and that's why he was killed.
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>> the research must take an incredible amount of time. >> we started working on marissa's story on the first season. >> it's very difficult to find records of poor italians or poor irish. >> it's very dz they didn't keep records. >> and poor irish. it's very difficult to find records. >> you are one of 2 producers but you were also a participant. you traced your roots too. what was that like for you? >> it was sbns. intense. i'm not sure what other word to use right now. it was a lot to process because, you know, it's one thing to hear the stories, you know, and maybe they are true, maybe they are not and you know what happened in a put them away if they are disturbing like oh, yeah they were rounded up and shot. you are like that's what happened in history they are part of that. but then when you go and you just personalize it and you come
2:23 am
face to face with what actually happened and you can't put it away, then it's a lot to process but it's worthwhile. >> what i love is that you take them physically to the place where these things happened and that has a whole power of its own that you're thinking wow they met right here. >> right here. this is where he was killed. okay. >> yeah. that's a whole lot of processing. >> is everyone happy that they do it. >> they're all happy that they did it, yeah. >> when we look at you, we can't help think "friends," do you guys still keep in touch? the cast, the group of you? >> we do sometimes texting or emailing or bumping into each other somewhere. yeah. well, you know. >> that was then. >> that's the thing. the trouble with such success is that you can be pigeon-holed from it and you haven't let that happen to you at all. what other projects are you working on besides this? >> we have web therapy which will have a second season on showtime. that's where i'm meeting that horrifying therapist.
2:24 am
>> the hits just keep coming. is that scripted or -- >> that's improvised. it's really fun. >> as a young actress studying did you go to improv groups? >> that's where i started. the groundlings. >> we wish you great luck with this show. >> who else is on this episode? >> great season. martin sheen. marissa tomei. then it's blair underwood. and helen hunt. and rob lowe. there's 12 people. it's a lot. >> so this show, who do you think you are airs friday nights at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. up next those funny awkward photos that will leave you saying what the what? right after this. 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done.
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♪ now in today's kitchen delicious desserts.
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for satisfying our sweet tooth with chocolate truffles, valentine's day is fast approaching so we're setting the mood with love candy. >> he's making some of his exquisite creations. paul, what are we doing right here? >> you're a chocolatier. did you have to go to school for that? >> i love chocolate so much. this is a chocolate brown cocktail. lots of gin in the morning, lemon juice and syrup, chocolate water and sugar. lots of ice. >> there's something for everyone. >> there is. chocolate liquor i poured on top. it sinks to the bottom. cheers. >> this is a perfect most romantic indulgent chocolatey cocktail. >> very nice.
2:30 am
>> it's fragrant and full of flavor. put loads of chocolate in. so, the key thing i love about valentine's and making gifts for people is truffles. >> is that too high? >> no. in the pan sizzling, heavy cream, sugar and pour this -- >> what kind of sugar? >> light brown sugar. bring to it the center. pour it on lots of chocolate. >> semi-sweet? >> or high percentage, 70% or 80%. >> a lot of chemistry. >> there is, but it's fun and all about love. we have bleu cheese into the ganache. it works. i promise. whisk that in. allow it to cool. pop it in the fridge. you get this. now you have a spoon each, ladies. you'll get messy. >> i'll eat it out of the bowl.
2:31 am
>> don't eat it just yet. take a spoon of ganache. dip your fingers into the cocoa powder sugar. you'll get messy. and roll really quickly on your fingers. you both to get messy with this. healthy size truffle. >> yes. holdi likes her sweets. >> leave them like that and this one is pretzels. >> lavender flowers. >> what's this? >> crack >> you've got to get really sticky. >> you got to get involved. we're new at this. >> that's good. >> that looks like a mess. >> you got 30 seconds. >> there we go. >> what is that thing over there? >> try one of those. >> these are mayan cupcakes.
2:32 am
drizzle the syrup on top. >> we got to run. you're the best. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead how much now about the cold and flu season. we'll take our quiz. >> get ready for the big reveal, the spectacular results of today's ambush makeover. that's delicious. >> rub your partner the right way with a couple's massage on valentine's day. right after your local news.
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♪ we are back on this winesday wednesday ready to play our weekly trivia game who knew. despite the warm weather, it's still cold and flu season. so we'll find out how much you know about our worst winter nemesis.
2:37 am
kathie lee is across the street ready to handout hundred bucks to those who get the question right. to those who don't get they are cd. here with me is dr. carrie peterson a medical contributor from "women's health" magazine. we're ready to see how smart our folks are. >> lovely lady from jacksonville. germs can live on hard surfaces for how long? 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or one week? >> 48 hours. >> good for you. >> wow. she's right. >> did you guess? >> two days. that's how long they last? >> can last anywhere from few minutes but up to 48 hours. germs tend to live heartily on hard surfaces than plastics or stainless steel. and flus live longer than colds. >> okay, so wipe everything down if you can. >> yes. >> this gentleman is an aussie but lives in milwaukee. good to have you in our country. how many colds can children in school environments have per year, five, ten, 12 or 15? >> 12. >> oh, my gosh.
2:38 am
another guess? >> how is that possible? 12 colds her year. seem like a lot. >> it's definitely more than what adults get because children they are more susceptible. their up mun immune systems aren't well developed. they are not as good at covering their mouths. their environments are dirtier. they get sicker more than adults. >> i have a cutey from boone, north carolina. true or false the stomach flu and influenza are the same thing? >> i'll go with false. >> he's smart too. >> wow. >> yes. okay. stomach flew and flew are different. >> different germs. influenza causes the traditional flu which is the stuffy head, the aches, the fever. traditional flu can have stomach symptoms but a different germ. >> very nice lady from portland, oregon. you can spread the flu to others
2:39 am
before you have symptoms. >> true. >> wow, you guys are on fire. >> all right. four for four. this is unbelievable. before you start feeling the sniffling, you can spread it? >> one day prior you're contagious. even if you don't know you have the flu or cold you can give to it other people and you're contagious for about five days after symptoms. >> another very pretty floridian this one from gainesville. look how cute you are. antibiotics can treat which of the following, the cold, the flu, neither, or both? >> neither. >> neither. you say neither, i say neither. either way, you're right. >> i thought you need an antibiotic when you get the flu. >> they only treat bacteria where flus and colds are viruses. antibiotics don't work. they can cause problems because they can create resistance. then when you need them they don't really work.
2:40 am
>> i hope the next person gets it right. >> i know. this guy from england is a huge kathie lee fan. and he's dying to win my cd. let's see how long should you wash your hands effectively to rid them of zberm germs? five seconds, 20 seconds, two minutes, doesn't matter as long as you use soap. >> i'll go for it doesn't matter as longs you use soap. >> and you win a kathie lee cd. >> he's happy. he's happy. kind of. >> so, the correct answer here is 20 seconds. >> 20 seconds. proper way to wash your hands is run them under cold clean running water. scrub them together, lather them. do the front, back, under the nails and we say sing "happy birthday" twice. that adds up to 20 seconds. rinse them well. and you're done. good advice. >> this beautiful girl is from brazil.
2:41 am
true or false, going out in chilly weather with a wet head will lead to a cold? >> false. >> wow. golly. >> good one. >> that's one of those wives tales. you feel like you're getting a cold but you're not. >> you cannot get sick from cold weather or a wet head. the only thing that gets you sick is germs. the reason people get sick in this weather more frequently is that we're indoors more often, so we're in more close contact with people and likely to spread germs. >> great advice. kathie lee will come back and find out how these two ladies look after their ambush makeover right after this. last night was amazing. was that cinnamon you put in the dessert? yeah. little dash of nutmeg too. wonderful spice... nutmeg is. as spices go, i find nutmeg to be underutilized.
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we're back on this special winesday wednesday edition of today's plaza ambush makeovers. we pluck two lucky ladies from
2:46 am
the crowd and surprise them with a brand new look. >> here is contributor and stylist to the stars, everybody, louis la cara, la, la, la. and jill martin. hi, kids. how was it? >> we found two great looking women. but it just goes to show you you have to work it to work it. and with a little bit of effort you can make something good into something great. >> what are you saying? >> let's start off with miss becka patton. she's 34 years old. she's from columbus, ohio. the last time she wore heels was on her wedding day. that was almost ten years ago. she jumped at the chance to get a glam new look. let's take a listen. >> all right. i kind of had to bully you into this but you said yes if i let you do one thing. >> say hi to my boys at home zachary and nicholas and my husband steve. >> because of them you need this? >> yeah, i could use it.
2:47 am
>> steve you told me is going to be absolutely shocked. >> definitely. >> all right, steve, we're going to make her look hot. are you ready to go? >> i guess so, yes. >> okay. guess who she is here with her brother-in-law, eric, and brand new twins. >> we won't give you blindfolds. we don't want you dropping the babies. close your eyes for us. we'll trust you. don't cheat. here is becka patton before. come see the new you. >> oh, wow. okay. >> hold on guys. ready to open up your eyes. hold on to those babies. >> wow. >> wow in tandem. that's good. >> you ready to see yourself. >> yes. >> spin around. >> oh, my goodness. >> you look gorgeous. you like? >> yeah. >> you're beautiful. >> turn right around. look right there at camera
2:48 am
number 12. talk about the hair cut. >> she needed a haircut today. in you find yourself tying your hair back every day guess what? it's time to get a haircut. so we gave her a great hair cut, gave her shape. i softened her color with a little bit of high light. add highlights in the winter to give yourself a little glow. >> guys what do you think? >> amazing. >> i hope she will still want to help us change diapers. >> that little black dress is hot. >> i didn't pick it. she did. she's like, what about this? it's simply vera wang available at kohl's, under $100. >> all right. great. thank you so much, everybody. >> our second lady is jennifer. she's 37 from sidney, australia. she's a stay-at-home mom and today is the first day that she's taken time for herself.
2:49 am
what better way to pamper yourself than with an ambush makeover. she's with her friend and her friend's son. let's listen to her story. >> second victim, second mommy with two kids and you told me help, i need a makeover. >> yes, i would like a little bit of a new look. i feel i've looked the same since high school. >> what do you think your husband will think? >> i don't know. >> we're going to take you into the factory, like we say. you ready to go? >> yes, yes. that sounds good. >> keep that blindfold on. >> that's her friend. >> that's her friend and her son. yes. we're going to get right to it. bring out the new jennifer. >> whoa.
2:50 am
soz, my gosh. leanna take a look. >> wow. you look great. >> turn around sweetie. take a look at yourself. >> oh, my god. >> you look awesome. gorgeous. gorgeous. wow. beautiful. >> i'm shocked. >> you have highlights under your natural color. she wanted to keep some lightness and brightness. i warmed up her natural color. her hair was very thick and in a triangle shape. so dana got rid of that with layers. just a little bit of glow. don't over do the bronzer. just to get rid of that winter look. >> the dress is what? >> color blocking so big especially going into spring. this is from dana morgan and high boots from payless. every woman should have a pair of high boots. >> looks great. come on out, becka. >> becka is taking care of the babies back there. thank you so much. >> up next those funny awkward photos that will leave you saying what the what.
2:51 am
>> we hope so. >> right after this. we have a look at your weather as we head through the day on thursday. looks very nice from new york to philly down towards the southeast, as well. a lot of sunshine here. so good news for traveling here. we are going to be tracking wet weather across portions of western texas, around albuquerque a few showers for you and tracking unsettled conditions in the pacific northwest, from seattle into portland. seattle's high, 55 degrees. later this afternoon, 40 degrees in chicago. mid 50s in atlanta. that's not too far off the average and upper forts in new york city. we'll watch another system heads towards the northeast in chicago. detroit, as well. we have no snow on the ground, so this has been a mild winter with hardly any snow in the forecast. look for rain showers from
2:52 am
louisville southward. texas still needing the rain, so that's nice to see. atlanta, a dry day for friday. we are expecting some much cooler air to work in for the weekend. speaking of that, you can see it starting to come down from the canadian border. minneapolis on friday, a high of only 14 degrees. snow this go around as it heads into the northeast for the weekend. there could be some accumulations here. 37 for your high in new york. 34 in louisville. here's a look at your forecast toward the remainder of the weekend. snowy across the northeast. look at that atlanta high, 45 degrees. so going to cold readings here and watching another system affecting the rockies of the west. denver, 27 for a high. wet weather in texas by the time we wrap up the weekend. stay with us here on the weather channel. "wake up with al" you can find
2:53 am
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we're back with the giggle inducing segments we call what the what? we'll be happy with the giggle. sarah has scoured through the photos and is here with the top pick. >> you're in for a real treat. our first photo is sent from steve johnson. he's from simi valley, california. i hope there's not a fire drill. the last time you want to be confused is when it's hot in here. our next photo was set in from sharon long from new mexico. it seems like a pretty good deal. >> castrations? >> it was on a vet sign. i feel they should say neutering. castration sounds just so -- >> walk in, walk out.
2:56 am
>> you'll limp out, baby. >> or crawl out. >> you ride out on a different horse. >> jane kauffman from mount pleasant, south carolina submitted this photo. you couldn't have picked a better spot to sit. that's her great dane. his name is moose. her friend took that picture. how funny. it's the biggest dogs that think they are small. >> she's so tiny. it seems photo shopped. >> can you imagine watching tv around him. >> oh, my gosh. >> we have a big dog and she can't get close enough to you. >> they don't realize. i have chihuahuas. i don't have that problem. we have a photo from virginia. would you guys drink that? it does have the magic word wine in it. >> special kind of wine. >> even i wouldn't drink that. >> might overlook it. depends how bad the day was. >> kate from mount pleasant, michigan sent us this photo.
2:57 am
i know a good deal when i see it. clearance. it was zero but now 1.99. it's that club membership that gets you the perks. >> finally gail submitted this photo. i don't know how i feel about these two being in the same place. >> emergencies welcomed. >> okay. >> if you have a photo please send it to our website. let us know about it. up next couples massage for valentine's day. do we need to say more? >> no we don't. >> this is "today" on nbc. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it.
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if you are looking for a great gift for your significant other hey what is better than a romantic massage. >> yes. going to a spa or hiring a professional is nice but if you have more of a do it yourself attitude, lisa is here with a few at home techniques that will spice up your relationship and save you a few bucks. this one would destroy my relationship. >> this is one of those things where it really is good for you. some people think it's a luxury. >> it's really good for you especially if you're a couple. i give this as a homework more than anything else is go home, couples massage. you first, me next or me first you next. >> what if we can't agree on that. then we have some big problems. >> then you have to come back. >> how should he do it. >> how he should do it, start with the head. nape of the neck. further down.
3:02 am
nape of the neck. >> this is go green. >> i got kyle. >> so we're going start with little circles back of the neck. all right. don't under estimate how a light touch can feel really good. just like let it go. light touch can feel fantastic. get some lymphatic drainage. >> my nose always runs. >> don't worry, that's good. then you go to longer strokes down the back. or circles, as well. >> keep going. >> most important is you keep giving feedback. so we want groaning. >> this is great. >> excellent. >> we want groaning. >> there we go. further down. let's do long strokes. >> long strokes, please. >> very good. >> watch out. >> watch out for my power pack. >> we'll talk about that when you turn over. >> turn over? what?
3:03 am
>> yes, kyle. >> as a massager ask how does this feel? how does this feel? is this hard enough? is this okay. >> harder. harder. >> harder or softer. >> harder. you have to use oil when you're with someone else like this. not with dresses on obviously but we can't go there. one of my favorites is this massage mint. i got to tell you i love this. got the nubby side. if you're not comfortable with your hands. >> go. >> this is my favorite thing ever. using oils and massage creams is fantastic. these are from pure >> is lisa still talking? >> we have to run. >> give each other feedback. >> thank you. >> thank you, lisa. >> by the way, gang, we -- >> no need to stop. keep going.
3:04 am
>> we'll see you in the bahamas, everybody, right? is that where we're going to go? we may not make it. we may have to send matt lauer and ann curry because we're a little busy. bye. >> jimmy: hey, everybody. i am here in indianapolis at the hilbert circle theatre! [ cheers and applause ] we're going to be here for the rest of the week, all the way up to the super bowl. it's our first time out on the road, i can't wait to get started. welcome to indianapolis! >> from the hilbert circle theatre in indianapolis, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew.


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